I've joined Epic's Support a Creator Program

I've finally signed up for Epic's Support a Creator program, part of which means that you can use the code GR8R in the Fortnite item shop to help support me.

If you play Fortnite and are happy to use my code, it would be appreciated.

But the part that I am more excited about is being able to publish my games/maps in Fortnite Creative. Rather than thinking of Fortnite as a game, think of it as a platform, and within that there are thousands of mini games.

Anybody can create games/maps within Fortnite.  But usually you can only play them with your friends and their friends (ie. people in your lobby). Being part of the Support a Creator program allows you to add public codes to your games so anybody in the world can play them simply by entering the code.

I am looking forward to publicly releasing some of my creations soon!


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